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Letter #9 27 March 1812 Express to Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam


I am at my wit’s end, but for once, the source of my distraction is not our imperious aunt. I pray Darcy has found you in London and has explained our joint concern for Georgiana’s safety and well being. If William has not, of yet, spoken to you in person, the source of our agitation rests solely on my former associate, Mr. Wickham. Since my arrival at Rosings, I have heard from the dastard twice. As one might expect, the rogue initially solicited funds to cover the cost of his most pressing gambling debts, to which I most soundly refused.

Following my denial, a second missive arrived in which Wickham insinuated he would call upon Georgiana and offer himself as her “escort” in her brothers’ absence.

Learning of Wickham’s intentions, I meant to return to London immediately, but Darcy rightly reasoned my withdrawal from Rosings would draw attention to the situation. Therefore, our William has journeyed to Town under the guise of pressing business. Unfortunately, that particular fact leaves me to “entertain” and, likewise, be “entertained” by Lady Catherine. Trust me, I am well aware I deserve such excruciating agony for my short sightedness where George Wickham is concerned.

As I have heard nothing from Darcy regarding the arrangements he has made to protect Georgiana, I am begging for a word from you that all is well in hand.




4 thoughts on “Letter #9 27 March 1812 Express to Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam

  1. Rest well, Cousin. I have spoken to Darcy, and your elder brother has all well in hand. In truth, I hope Wickham does call upon Georgiana. I will be waiting – metal in hand. It has been too long since I last bested the scoundrel.

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