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Letter #10 2 April 1812 to Fitzwilliam Darcy

London, 2 April 1812


Pray be so kind as to inform your solicitor that he need no longer trouble himself with sending me an allowance as of Michaelmas of this year, as I will no longer require it. By this means, you may also spare yourself your quarterly inquisition into my finances and commentary on my life, since one can scarcely call your missives letters.

Pray give my regards to Georgiana, Richard, Anne, and the lovely Miss Bennet, whose injury, I am informed, came from a misfire of Watkins’ rifle rather than a shot at my hat. But there is no need to extend your apologies, as I am so accustomed to your false accusations as to be quite deaf to them, and we both know any expression of regret on your part would be purely a matter of form, and not truly meant.

Yours, etc.

Theophilus Darcy


6 thoughts on “Letter #10 2 April 1812 to Fitzwilliam Darcy

  1. Oh, this makes me so sad. D tries so hard to control his surroundings, he is pushing the most important people to himself away. He will be very lonely indeed, if he doesn’t reign in that behavior.

  2. Ouch! That was pretty bitter, but I don’t blame Theo after all he has put up with. Darcy will have to address this now, no more beating around the bush. Hopefully reconciling with Theo will show Lizzy That Darcy is worthy of her regard.

  3. Oh, dear – oh, dear!!!!!!
    Poor Theo! Poor Darcy! Poor boys, they need some calming female influence between them to do some mediation and gentle persuasion! Georgiana is too young but if one of them was to marry wisely…
    [I missed this letter – just saw some references in the comments to Dave’s post. I get them now 🙂 ]

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