I am all a-flutter! Mr. Theo Darcy has granted me an interview!


Proceeding the commencement of my audience with Mr. Theo Darcy, I should like to acquaint you with publication which shall be released almost this very moment! In fact, I dare say that it is quite within reach! If you would be so kind as to click on this singular portrait, you shall find that you may, indeed, read portions of his exploits, which are quite intimate, in my way of understanding. To write of one’s enterprises seems to be a bit pretentious.

However, I shall endeavor to think only the best of him and it really shall be a fascinating read. Indeed, I shall feel quite wicked reading it! What is a girl to do when such fun is to be had? I shall venture to say, “Alas, read the publication and read it well so you shall have much to share when you see your companions Tuesday next!” I…

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